About the Owners

Donna and I bought our property in the winter of 1993 while on off-season leave from our jobs with the Clyde Beatty-Cole Bros. Circus (more about that when we meet). We found ourselves at "the end of the earth" with no roads, no electricity, one phone in the village and the most amazing ocean views we had ever seen. We decided right then to buy a piece of this paradise on the Ballena Coast as our escape from the madness of the developed world and to retreat from the seemingly capricious changes rapidly overtaking society. It didn't work.

It seems that an area of such breathtaking beauty and remarkable biodiversity is not allowed to remain a secret forever. Although not originally purchased to build a "rental," Shelter From The Storm has always been a refuge from the madness. From our first visit to the property wearing boots and cutting our way in with machetes, we were filled with such an inner peace that there was left no doubt that we had found "nirvana." The gentle roar of the waves breaking on the rocks below and the chatter of the capuchin monkeys passing overhead told us that our traveling days were over.

When staying at Shelter From The Storm, you will enjoy the benefit of our presence; unobtrusive but available. If there is something that you find that you need, we are there to provide it. If there is something that doesn't work just right, we are there to make it right. If you would like to know where to eat, what tours to take (and which ones NOT to take) where to get groceries, medicines, dental care or have your rental car towed out of a mud bog, we are there. We are housekeeping, concierge, maintenance, room service and tour guide. We have combined the privacy and luxury of private residences with the services of the finest hotels in the world. Like "W" Hotels, we have adopted the motto, "Whatever you want; whenever you want it".

-Daryl Wallace, Owner

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